Saturday, January 13, 2018

'THE REUNION' By Mort Harris


    In honor of Veterans Day, the Indian Nation called the tribes together to honor the veterans of the Indian Wars. This reunion was to be held in the Great Medicine Falls, Indiana. Their veterans are called G. I's, which stand for genuine Indian, and we invited them with and without reservations to rendezvous this Thursday at Boot Camp or their version called it moccasin training area.

    They came from all over the country; from the far northwest came the Washington Red Skins, and from Midwest the Cleveland Indians and the Atlantic Braves. 

    Security did have their problems, people showed up insisting they were real Indians, even though they did not look like Indians, they insisted they were and that they traveled all the way from New Delhi.

    "Armistice Day" was not known to them, as we originally called it, they referred to it as "Bury the Hatchet Day."

     Weapons were not allowed, all bows and arrows were left at the door. Visitors were cautioned to avoid scalpers selling over priced tickets. A section was set aside to pay respect to those who were wounded and disabled, especially those family members that gave their lives. The wounded received and deserved the purple liver for their injuries. 

     The cars that transported to and from the reunion, all sported a ribbon saying "Support our Troops".  They honored all branches including the cavalry and the mighty navy of six canoes. They gave thanks to our country that provided them food, liquor, beads, and finally gave them the shaft. The sad part of the reunion story is most of our people are out of work since they no longer made Western Movies.

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